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RACS Policies

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) has overall responsibility for the SET programme and produces principle based policies for surgical training. See RACS website for additional information.

NZ PRS Training Regulations

The NZ PRS Training Regulations, developed by the New Zealand Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specify the rules, procedures, administrative processes and principles for the SET Programme in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in New Zealand. These Regulations are in accordance with the policies and strategic direction of the RACS and are approved by the RACS Education Board. The Board reserves the right to make reasonable changes to these Regulations at any time. The current version of the Training Regulations was approved by the RACS Education Board in December 2023.

All Trainees, Surgical Supervisors, Surgical Trainers and Board Members are required to comply with these Regulations.

The Regulations relating to SET selection are separate and can be found here.