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Wednesday 01 April | 2020


Plastic surgeons urge extra care to avoid injury while we’re at home

Monday 16 December | 2019

Heated theatres, cadaver skin – how Whakaari/White Island burns victims are being treated

Most people severely burned in the Whakaari/White Island volcanic eruption do not yet know what has happened to them.

One week on, 14 patients remain in burns units around New Zealand; eight of them in Middlemore Hospital.

Friday 13 December | 2019

Year of trauma: Christchurch Hospital staff responded to March 15, then Whakaari

Earlier this year, Christchurch Hospital staff were treating patients with gunshot wounds. This week, it was critical burns.

Friday 13 December | 2019

Association sends condolences, acknowledges efforts of medical staff

The New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons would like to pass on its sincere condolences to those affected by the…

Sunday 29 September | 2019

NZ tipped to follow Australia’s limits on breast implants

A breast cancer lobby group says health officials must look closely at the worries surrounding some types of breast implants.

Tuesday 27 August | 2019

Breast Implant Illness

Hilary had been feeling unwell for a long time before she realised her breast implants may have been the cause for her illness.

Friday 26 July | 2019

Kiwi’s breast implant experience: ‘My body was not happy with what I’d put into it’

When Janelle Brunton-Rennie became ill, she never thought her breast implants could be the cause.

Friday 26 July | 2019

Allergan’s textured breast implant products expected to be recalled in NZ

A specific brand of textured breast implants is likely to be recalled in New Zealand, following the issuing of a global notice.

Sunday 23 June | 2019

Kiwi plastic surgeon says the industry gets regularly approached for free surgeries by influencers

Plastic surgeons offering free procedures to online influencers in return for publicity are blurring ethical lines, some doctors say.

Thursday 20 June | 2019

Link between breast implants and rare form of cancer

Breast implants have been making headlines as both France and Canada ban use of textured versions of the devices because of concerns about risks to health.

Monday 10 June | 2019

Is social media creating unrealistic expectations of cosmetic surgery?

Social media posts by cosmetic surgeons can be harmful to patients.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons believes greed-driven surgeons are damaging the industry's reputation by looking at a patient as a commodity to be exploited.

Monday 27 May | 2019

A Bit of a Bust

A rise in the incidence of a rare cancer is being linked to textured breast implants.

Monday 13 May | 2019

Why a growing number of Kiwi women are having their breast implants removed

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. But with a number of women with implants suffering from illness and inflammation, Nicky Pellegrino finds out about the breast explant trend.

Friday 04 January | 2019

My breasts ruled my life: NZ women talks about life after surgery

Most people wouldn't consider a jog around the block to be a luxury, but for 21-year-old Jess, it was the first time she'd been able to run since she was just 10.

Sunday 04 November | 2018

Botched breast surgery in Turkey: Kiwi ‘infected and deformed’

A Kiwi woman flew half way across the world for a breast lift and implant, a Brazilian butt lift, and a face graft.

Now, Nicole Reed has a gaping flesh wound under her breast from a botched surgery, and she can't even lift her handbag.

Wednesday 04 July | 2018

‘Little fighter’: Auckland girl with rare Pfeiffer syndrome beats two-week life expectancy

When Maddie was born, mum Rachael Blitvich was told to give her the best life she could as it would only last a fortnight.

Two-and-a-half years and four surgeries later, the Auckland girl has "baffled everyone".