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  • Posted: Wednesday 01 April, 2020
Plastic surgeons urge extra care to avoid injury while we’re at home

The New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons has urged New Zealanders to take extra care to avoid injury while we’re in self-isolation in response to COVID-19.

Association President, Mr Jonathan Wheeler, warned the likelihood of injury was increased because people were at home at a time they wouldn’t normally be there.

‘We’re now at home when we would usually be at school, tertiary education or work, and I know many are seeing this as an opportunity to tackle jobs around the house, take up a new activity or do more physical activity.

‘While we want everyone to keep busy at home for their mental and physical wellbeing, we need to take extra care to make sure our activities don’t lead to injury.’

The Association has produced a poster drawing attention to activities and items around the home that could cause injury.

‘Things like power tools, open fires, cooking appliances and hot water can cause horrific and life-long injuries when families are out of their normal routines and this risk is increased while we are all instructed to stay home to stop the virus spreading.’

Mr Wheeler says hands are the most likely part of the body needing treatment from a plastic surgeon as a result of an injury at home.

‘We want everyone to stay safe at home. Taking this extra care will also keep our hospitals free for those who need them while we all do our best to respond to COVID-19.’

He urged people to go to the Government [] or Ministry of Health  [] websites for the latest COVID-19 information and advice.